How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business, make steady income without investment

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business… If you are passionate about making money online, chances are you have heard affiliate marketing echoed more than a few times.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money on the internet, a great way to supplement your income from the convenience of your home. The information provided in this article will give answers to the following questions:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How Affiliate Marketing Works?
  • How to Get Started on Affiliate Marketing?

If you are already an affiliate marketer, then this article will show you how to make more money in affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online business where you are paid commission for promoting other people’s products or services. In other words, an affiliate marketer is an online salesperson who promotes products in exchange for a commission.

In affiliate marketing, you are an affiliate if you promote other people’s products to earn a commission. You are a merchant if you have a product affiliates can promote to earn a commission. Those who buy the products are customers.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

For better understanding of affiliate marketing, think of a property agent. Their job is to promote and market other people’s property and for every sale they get a commission. The commission varies with each property and the more sales they make, the more commission they get.

There’s no upper limit to how much you can earn as an affiliate marketer. If an affiliate product or service pays $10/sale, and you refer 10 customers who buy the product, you earn $100. Very simple.

What Benefit Do I Have?

  1. It is one of the greatest ways to supplement your income from the convenience of your home. You can start your own affiliate marketing business now in your room, making hundreds of dollars in no time.
  2. No experience is required. You don’t need to be an expert before you make it in affiliate marketing. Anyone can start affiliate marketing and make money. No prior experience is required at selling.
  3. There are no upper limit to how much you can earn. Potentials marketers make thousands of dollars in affiliate marketing.
  4. You do not have to design or manufacture any product; affiliate merchants design their own products and promotion materials. Your job is to promote the product using the materials.
  5. No financial risks involved. You don’t pay a penny to promote an affiliate product. If the product does not convert well, you are free to switch to any other products you want.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Step 1. Pick a niche.

This first thing you will have to do before you venture into affiliate marketing is being funnel-focused, that is knowing your area of interest. A niche is simply an area or topic of interest. Having a niche will ensure you speak to a particular set or target audience instead of trying to speak to everybody. Some examples of a niche are: School, Job, Health, Technology, Family, Entertainment, Finance, etc.

Step 2. Build a blog around the niche.

You are done selecting a niche? That’s great. Now, the next thing you will want to do is build a blog around that niche. Promoting an affiliate product without having a blog, is nearly impossible. If you want long-term success, having a blog gives you an incredible advantage.

A blog gives you the freedom to connect with your readers, gives them helpful information, build a subscriber base and follow up with them until they trust you enough to follow your recommendations.

A blog gives you the ability to build a relationship of trust with your followers. You do this by providing them with adequate and reliable information. You can promote countless products on your blog. You can even sell your own products or services on your blog.

Step 3. Join affiliate program.

Wow! You just dished out a nice niche, now your blog is well set up? Good. No time to waste, the next thing you will want to do is sign up for an affiliate program and make cool money. Remember, do not promote dud products to your followers, if you want to maintain their trust, make sure you select only effective ones.

The best way to find affiliate programs is through affiliate networks. Affiliate networks usually have lots of products in many niches. They also have more flexible payment methods. Most merchants prefer paying through PayPal, though affiliate networks have other payment methods like, Payoneer, direct deposits, etc. When you join affiliate network, make sure you understand their rules.

Here are some reliable affiliate networks you can join:

  • Amazon affiliate
  • Commission Junction
  • Linkshare
  • Impact Radius
  • Clickbank affiliate

Step 4. Promote affiliate products

You need to understand that before you can make money from affiliate marketing, a great deal of effort and strategy you will need to promote the affiliate products. Promotion means driving traffic to the products, get people to see and buy them.

There are thousands ways to promote affiliate products, if you have a blog. When you drive traffic to the blog, you are not just promoting the affiliate products, you are promoting yourself as well, increasing your sources of making money. Some of the ways, you can promote affiliate products include:

  • Placing banners/affiliate links on your blog
  • Email marketing
  • Paid traffic
  • Writing product reviews
  • Search engine traffic, etc.

Step 5. Getting Paid.

Most affiliate networks pay you when you reach a certain threshold, usually $100. There are several payment methods on ground. They include: Payoneer, PayPal, direct bank deposit, check, etc.

If you find it difficult getting a PayPal account or you live in a country where direct bank deposit or checks could be a problem, then Payoneer, is your next best choice.

When you register or open an account with Payoneer, They issue you a valid US bank account, they will send you a MasterCard. The MasterCard will be sent directly to any address you provide. You will receive funds in your Payoneer account and get your money on any MasterCard enabled ATM anywhere in the world.


The journey to becoming a successful affiliate marketer is not an easy one, but that does not mean you should not even try this trip. Project like this, if executed properly can be very rewarding.

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